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SUSANNE FONTANA is an international business entrepreneur and real estate professional who is focused on customer satisfaction. Formerly with the U.S. Customs Service in Miami, Ms. Fontana founded and headed up the management of an import/export handling company for airlines and international couriers. In addition, she has been instrumental in improving the industry and promoting international trade. She has been heralded as a pioneer by the Florida Trade Association as a leader, trail blazer and innovator.

Today, Ms. Fontana brings her expertise in the commercial realm to the real estate industry. She has not only operated, but also the negotiated 100,000’s of square feet of warehouse space for her clients. Her commercial savvy sets her apart from others in the field. “I look forward to helping others find the space that will contribute to the success of their businesses and life style,” she said.

A long-time resident of Coconut Grove, Ms. Fontana believes in promoting her community through involvement in local organizations and by introducing others to the benefits of living there. “The Grove is a unique enclave that has so much to offer. I want others to experience the joy of living and working in paradise,” she said.
Coconut Grove Property

Coconut Grove Property

Ms. Fontana is a Real Estate Associate at
Jeanne Baker Realty
in Coconut Grove, FL.
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