Fontana International Services, Inc.

To our valued clients and business partners:

Fontana International Services, Inc., is a C-TPAT certified company.  C-TPAT is the Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism which was implemented by CBP (Customs and Border Protection) after 9/11.  We are very proud we have been certified and validated by CBP which signifies we are participating in the worldwide community efforts to ensure the safety of our borders through our business alliances and practices.

As part of our validation and security awareness, we are encouraging our business partners/alliances to also participate in the development of security policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our borders.

CBP asks that we communicate with our business partners to ensure our partners also establish security processes and procedures which are consistent with the C-TPAT criteria.

If your company has not been approved by C-TPAT, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with the CBP link to review:

Please see the link below for the C-TPAT Supply Chain Security Survey and Security Criteria Awareness questionnaire.  We respectfully request your time and attention to complete the survey and return to Fontana International Services, Inc. via fax at 305-591-0686 or email to We will keep this on file as part of our supply chain security review assessment verification with our business partners.

We look forward to speaking with you concerning any questions you may have regarding C-TPAT.


Susanne Fontana
Fontana International Services, Inc.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Survey mentioned in this letter.

Please click to review the C-TPAT Importer Security Criteria

C-TPAT video taped the 2009 Training Seminar Container Inspection Presentation. We are pleased to provide the video for your review and to be used as training for your employees. By opening the below listed link, you will be able to save the video to your computer for your later use.
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